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Here’s what it is:

A pioneering cloud-based SaaS service designed to enhance workplace productivity and well-being through personalized daily motivational content.

This tool seamlessly integrates with corporate environments, through calendar placement, intranet, text, email or chat engine; promoting a positive work culture, stronger employee engagement, and improving productivity.

Topics Include:

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How your company will benefit:

Here's the cost:

50+ employees:

$2.50 per employee per month

Less than 50 employees:

$1,200 annually

*Text delivery option has additional fees.

To create a well rounded program for your team, speaking engagements and coaching packages are available.

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What the daily inspirations look like:

Embrace the power of your own choices.

Our choices create our day, week, month, year, life. And as we continue to make good or poor choices, our pathway continues forward, reflecting those decisions. When we walk up and see that we are not where we want to be, it is common to blame something outside of ourselves for the outcome. But it all comes back to us and our choices. Just as we got off path, we can put ourselves back on. So don’t get down on yourself, make new choices! Be purposeful and create a life you love… that you are proud of… one where you are benefiting and helping others. You alone hold that power. Unleash it today. You can Emerge Positive.

How are you showing up today?

Remember you are communicating to others before you even open your mouth. Your energy, how you are standing or sitting, your attire… this is just the beginning of your communication. So when you start your Zoom or walk into the conference room, take note of what you are bringing to the table. When we consciously show up with energy that is helpful, inclusive, uplifting, and maybe even inspiring, it can change the entire day for all involved.
How are you showing up today? You can Emerge Positive.

Focus on what you want, not on what you don’t want.

What you focus on grows. The challenge is, most of us give our attention to what we don’t want in our life instead of focusing on what we do. Whether that be our current body weight, our dwindling savings account, or that we are still single. It’s all too easy to give our attention to what we don’t like. But the more you do that, the longer it will stay in your life! And it will become a bigger piece of it. That’s not what you want. So today, start practicing the idea of placing your focus on where you want to go. On what you want in your life. And each time you catch yourself on the negative, just change that channel. What you focus on grows. You can Emerge Positive.

Here’s how a positive mindset improves productivity for you:

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