Hi there!

Whether you’re ready to embark in personal coaching or just curious, I’m glad you’re here

Meet Deanne Lewis Emerge Positive

Hi there!

Whether you’re ready to embark in personal coaching or just curious, I’m glad you’re here.

Coaching is a norm in sports, music and the arts, so why not have a coach to help you create a life you love? I think many people don’t believe it can make a difference. That somehow life is just the way it is. That the cards we were dealt are here to stay.

I believe each of us can be living our best life.

Here’s how I see it: The box that we are currently living in has a way out, but the directions are on the outside of the box. So if you want to create positive change, it is essential to have someone read them to you to guide you out.

I say this from personal experience. I was in there too. My life was a complete mess, but I believed that I had to shoulder everything myself. I didn’t believe in coaching or therapy for me. Oh it was fine for other people, but I saw it as my responsibility to fix myself. After a couple of years of failing to do so, my path crossed with a coach and spiritual teacher. That changed the course of my life. And the work I did with her improved my life in all areas: my relationships with family & friends, I met my husband, I got out of debt, I created wealth, my health improved, I cultivated a daily spiritual practice, and I created a fulfilling and rewarding career.

You can have that too. You hold the power of creating your future and destiny. It’s completely your choice. You can play small, or you can create a life that is meaningful, abundant, and filled with joy, love, and happiness.

This Is .

What if I told you that you already have everything you need to create the life you want? It comes down to a few simple things: identifying and understanding your beliefs, mindset; what you consistently think about, and how you feel about yourself. Uncovering and changing the negative core beliefs is the foundation that will move you from where you are to where you want to be.

Emerge Positive is about creating positive change from where you are. You don’t have to blow up your life to do it. You can just start here and now.

Sign up below for more information on personal coaching with me. And if you have any questions, please email me directly at: [email protected]. I’d love to hear from you!

Life is about to get better. You can Emerge Positive!



Deane Lewis
“Deanne is a ‘real’ individual. She speaks from the soul and is true to her word. She listens with her eyes, ears and her heart. This is a tremendous quality to have as a leader.”
Michele E.
“You have a presence that allows people to feel very comfortable and whatever the environment, your presence improves the environment.You’re a giver, not a taker. You clearly understand the objective at hand, but it’s all about others first.”
Matt M.
“You’ve been an amazing mentor to me personally. Always extremely supportive and willing to provide guidance and honest constructive criticism. You’ve encouraged me to be true to myself and pursue my dreams. Your positive attitude is infectious and when around you I’ve understood that there is room at the top for everyone. You exude a self-confidence that isn’t threatened by the success of others but rather encourages it. Your supportive and nurturing nature has been a great source of inspiration and you’ve epitomized what it takes to live the life your dreams.”
Mary W.

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