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Emerge Positive Affirmation Book

Emerge Positive is a way of life. It’s the choice to make a commitment to You….to take the time to learn who you really are, to love yourself, and to take care of your body, mind, and soul. It’s making your health and well-being a priority. A journey to find your true purpose – not striving for perfection; but wholeness, understanding, and love. You can begin this transformation by simply changing your thoughts to be focused on the positive truths. Read Emerge Positive each day to find inspiration, encouragement, and reminders of what is possible.

"This is a wonderful book that will become a great tool on your shelf of places to go when you need a little more positive in your life."
Wendie W.
"I look forward to reading this each day. Very thought provoking."
Robin N.
"Poignant, truth telling, insightful quotes elegantly and simply stated to start my day in the positive but keep me centered all day."
Annie O.
"Seeing the two words, 'Emerge Positive,' helps to cement the positive thought ... I just use the two words as a mantra."

Elevate your thinking and your day!

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