Mindset Matters: Creating A Great Life with No Regrets

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After many months of planning, writing, re-writing, and editing Mindset Matters (forthcoming book with Jack Canfield), my chapter is finally finished. For those of you who write, you know the agony and stress that accompany the creative process.  The blank page staring back at you is no joke.  Creating the story arc is just painful.  And I haven’t even gotten to the editor part!  That is definitely not for the weak at heart.

But eventually, as with everything in life, if you stay the course, you will have a finished product.  And this ‘thing’ kind of grows within you as you’re creating it.

When I was finished writing this, I felt as if I had a new arm or new lung, or a new piece of me.  But the reality is, I was really letting something out of me.  This life chapter began 20 years ago, in 2004.  I knew then that I would someday share the secrets to creating a great life.  (And they have absolutely nothing to do with money or things.)

I started writing Emerge Positive in 2012 as my outlet to share, coach and teach.  I’ve loved every moment of that.  And I still do!  This new book is my personal story and it focuses on the foundational principle of Emerge Positive:  mindset.

I believe that mindset is the driving force to whether you have a great life or a so-so life.  Your mindset is what is driving every choice you make in your day, both at work and at home.  And the best thing is, you control it!  If you spend any time on personal development or personal growth; make it your mindset.  It will give you the best results in every single area of your life.

Broke or unfulfilled in your career? Shift in mindset.

Single and want a partner? Shift in mindset.

Feeling run down and tired every day? Shift in mindset.

The list goes on and on…..

Below is a snippet from the book…..read on to learn more about what mindset is and what you can do to help catapult your work and personal life into a place you love.

Beliefs + Perception = Choice of Action

Our beliefs, both positive and negative, are taught to us in childhood. They are our thoughts. These come from our parents, extended family, teachers, coaches, neighbors, and anyone with influence in your life. Some examples include:

-In order to be loved, I have to play small.

-I’m not lovable.

-Women can’t handle money.

-Money is a bad thing. I’m not supposed to want it.

-I’m not good enough.

-I have bad genetics; I’ll never be thin.

-If I get angry, I’m a bad person.

-I’m not beautiful, so I’m not worthy.

The problem? Most of us don’t stop to question our beliefs. We just act on them or, rather, react to them. This set of beliefs you didn’t consciously choose (and is likely invisible to you) determines your perception of life.

Think of your perception as your personal filter. It takes situations, people, and circumstances that come across your path and creates a reasoning and a story about why anything is happening to you. And, in the end, it creates the words you choose to speak.

Those two things together (beliefs and perception, which I call mindset) drive the action you choose to take. And let’s just cut to the chase: the actions you choose are the life you live. When you piece together each action you take, that’s you creating your day, week, year, and, yes, even your life. Taking action is paramount if you want to improve your life, and mindset is what creates action.

The book comes out in August (sign up to reserve a copy of it here: www.emergepositive.com/GetStarted), but don’t wait until then to start working on your mindset.  Investigate your personal beliefs.  See how they are impacting your life.  Look around….your beliefs show up and prove themselves true (whether they actually are or not).  The results are the life you live.  So really pay attention.  Once you can identify your personal beliefs, you can then make the choice to change them.  Because in the end, your ‘belief is just a thought and a thought can be changed’.  (Louise Hay)

If you are unhappy or unfulfilled, don’t sit back and think this is just the way life is.  You can choose right now to create something new.  Something exciting.  Something so fulfilling that you can’t stop smiling.  

I promise you it is just around the corner, if you choose it.

So will you?

You can Emerge Positive.



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