It’s Playtime!

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When is the last time you played?  

As we begin the long holiday weekend, I think today is the perfect time to let out the kid within us for some good old fashioned fun.  Whether you are leaving town or stay-cationing at home, play is essential.

As adults, we forget the importance of playtime.  We’re so engrossed in our lives that we forget to give ourself permission to just put the work away and  play!

(By the way, you don’t need kids to do this.  Or be under the age of 30.  Play exists for all of us.)

What a better time to relax and enjoy our lives!  This could mean taking a swim, reading a great book, trying out a new recipe…or it could mean taking a hike, going on a bike ride, throwing a frisbee with friends. Whatever you consider play and fun….just go do it!

We run through life at such a fast pace.  We’re chasing dreams, goals, and success.  But we need Playtime too.  Invite the kid in you to come out this weekend.  Be in the moment.  Feel the Fun!  

You can Emerge Positive.

Exercise is good for the body. Meditation is good for the mind. Play is good for the Soul. Make time for play this holiday weekend!



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