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Meet Deanne

Mindset Expert.
Inspirational Speaker & Coach.
Wife & Bonus Mom.

Meet Deanne

Inspirational Speaker & Coach.
Experienced Digital Media Entertainment Executive.
Wife & Bonus Mom.
Entrepreneur. Author. Optimist.

As a young adult, I always thought I had a good understanding of who I was. I considered myself to be self-assured and confident. And I truly believed that a successful life was possible…even easy. You just needed to have a plan and then execute that plan. And then in my early 30’s life showed me otherwise; it threw me a curve ball that changed my life path. My husband, who had been my high school sweetheart, left me and our marriage. So at the age of 31, I had to start over. And what I realized was that I had no idea who I was, what I liked, or what I wanted in my life. I had created everything in my world to orbit my husband and our marriage. And in that process, I lost myself. Perhaps more accurately stated, I never took the time to get to know me. I just let life happen.

Since that time….over 20 years now, I have been on a journey. A search – to learn who I am (identity) and why I’m here (purpose). I’ll admit, it didn’t start that way. Initially, I just wanted to get rid of the emotional pain of my divorce. But eventually it became much more than that; a quest of sorts. 

During that time, I spent 7 years in intensive study with a spiritual master. I learned the importance of meditation, I created a morning spiritual practice that I still do today, I changed my eating habits, prayed, journaled, and studied all sorts of Eastern philosophies, religious practices, and ways of thought. I also studied time management, organizational planning, and leadership. I was a sponge, curious and learning everything I could.

After my very first 4-hour session with my spiritual teacher, I knew I was destined to share what I was learning. I remember driving home in Los Angeles and knowing this is what I’m meant to do. That was in the beginning of 2004. I was in the middle of a long career at Warner Bros, so this journey has taken a bit for me to get here…but here I am! And I am excited to share my learnings over the past 20 years with you.

Here’s what I do:

For businesses/organizations, we offer Connect by Emerge Positive: a daily digital EP inspirational note card sent directly to your organization. I am also an inspirational speaker — keynote, all-hands meetings, departments, C-suites, whatever your need is. I also coach those same teams or individuals.

Whether that be to create more cohesiveness, create better goal setting, work on individual goals, or even to help those employees that have been laid off and are now creating their next chapter. I worked as an executive in the entertainment industry for over 20 years. So, I understand the politics, friction, and challenges in the office.

I also have been working remotely since 2008, so I’m very clear on the challenges that exist in that environment as well. For individuals, I’m your personal coach; here to help you improve in any area of your life where you feel challenged or lacking. I specialize in money/career, time management, relationships, creating vibrant health, stress/anxiety management, spirituality, energies, and numerology. You can partner with me or use the tools on this site to learn and grow. In the future, I will be offering online courses as another resource to help you thrive and create a life you love.

Here are some of the pillars of

Emerge Positive


These are the topics I write about on social media and my blog. They represent the foundation of what I teach and how I live my life.

Now that you’ve met me, here’s how we can work together:

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