This is how to get everything you want.

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“It’s a funny thing about life; if you refuse to accept anything but the best, you very often get it.”  Somerset Maugham

I love this quote because it is so very true.  It incapsulates Emerge Positive into one sentence.  Positive mindset, intentional thinking, conscious thought….it is what drives everything amazing in your life.

I know it’s easy to blame circumstances and things that are outside of us for our life experience.  To say that our sickness, our meek finances, our poor relationships, and crappy job is someone else’s fault is the norm.  But here’s the rub….we create our life and we are responsible for our own happiness.

So going back to today’s quote, it really does sum that up.  

And this is true for every single facet of our lives.  Money, career, love, health, spirituality, relationship, family….absolutely everything.  When you accept this truth, your life will completely change.  Because you realize you have the power to make it better!  You don’t need to wait on something or someone else to create the life you want.  You can start right now.

Since Valentine’s Day is this week, I thought it makes the most sense to talk about this in terms of our romantic relationships.  As humans, we are wired to be social and want to be in relationship.  And in our culture, women are expected to be married.  And as ‘old fashioned’ as that is, we have decades and decades of preprogramming in us that supports that.  So when we are in our 30’s or 40’s or older, and are single, we feel like we’ve done something wrong.  Or that we’re just not good enough or lovable.

Take this idea back to the power of thought.  If you are always playing a track in your mind that you aren’t desirable, lovable, or wanted then that’s what you get!  (Whether you are consciously aware of this or not). You are literally creating a magnet drawing that to you.  You are so powerful that you will create circumstances to prove your beliefs true!  “I’m not good enough so I will always attract a partner that will treat me that way or show that to me.”

If you are single and don’t want to be, then it’s time to investigate your believes about yourself and relationships.  Instead of trying to be what you think men want, go be yourself and enjoy things that You love!  You will put off a positive and happy vibe that will attract someone just like that!  When we like who we are and are authentic, it shows!  It’s a giant sparkle that can not be dimmed.  

Even if you are in a relationship, your thoughts about yourself are what is driving that relationship.  You will always prove your beliefs true.  As an example, if you believe you need to be sick to gain the attention of your partner so that he/she will care for you and as a result you will feel loved, you will be sick all of the time.  

It is also very common to hold the belief that you are somehow better if you are in a relationship.  So people stay in marriages or partnerships far longer than they should because of fear.  Fear of ‘what will I be without him/her/them’?

You hold your happiness.  You create your joy.  That doesn’t come from your partner, or your job, or your bank account.  It comes from within.

So this Valentine’s Day, let’s celebrate Loving Yourself. And begin the pathway of taking responsibility for your happiness.  Decide right here and now that you are going to love the rest of your days.  And go life them joyfully!

You can Emerge Positive!  Happy Valentine’s Day!



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