You hold the key to your destiny.

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What if I told you that you hold the power to create the life you desire?  Do you believe that?  Or do you believe that it’s outside of your control?

Look around.  Do you really believe that the actress, musician, business person, neighbor is better than you?  That they have some magic or incredible luck that has been bestowed on them?  That some how you just aren’t meant to have what you really want?  

If you take one thing from this, make it this:  You can create a life you love.  It is all within you.  And all you have to do is shift your thinking/beliefs.

So, how do you do that?

First off, you must be clear on what you really want.  Do you know?  Believe it or not, most of us can not answer that question.  So give it some thought.  Then, mentally think of a visual of yourself in that place where you are living the life you love.  What does it look like?  What do you do?  How does it feel?  Get really clear.  (Spend some time on this and make it fun!)

Now I want you to focus on that mental picture every single day.  Start your day in a quiet space, breathe in and out and then focus on this picture.  If your mind starts interjecting negative thoughts, change your mental channel.  Thoughts are powerful and if you consistently keep telling yourself you can’t have this, then you won’t.  So kick out the negativity.  

I also think it is helpful to write down a sentence that summarizes your dream. If it’s easier, write down 10 words that explain it.  (Including how you FEEL.). Read this daily.  I think it works best to do so immediately before you visualize your picture.

Do this sequence every single day.  

Some people, including me, really like dream boards.  They are a collage of photos that represent what you want to bring into your life.  This can be a digital board that you make on Pinterest, or you can create it on a cork board.  Put the dollar amount you want in your savings account or financial portfolio.  Show the city you want to be living in.  Include the car you want to drive.  Everything and anything that creates the picture of the life you are creating.

Then you must believe.  Believe that you hold the power to bring all of this amazingness into your life.  Do you?

Well you should.  Because you do.  One last thing on this for today….every time you catch yourself in a negative self talk loop, you must shut it down.  The only thing standing in the way of the life you want is you.  And when you truly understand this, you will soar.  

There’s no time like the present.  Start today.  Go thrive!  Be mighty!  Emerge Positive!



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