How to find the love of your life

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How to find the love of your life

If anyone had told me I would be single for 10 years after my divorce, I think I would have crawled under the covers and never come out.

10 Years???

For many of them, I didn’t understand the law of attraction and the importance of energy.  Even if you’re not single now, please read on as this applies to any relationship, including business (clients, leads, job opportunities, etc).

This quote really captures it all:

Be Yourself

Instead of looking outward, we must start with ourselves.  We must really look within and see who we are, and how we’re showing up in life.  Are we being true to who we are?  Or are we trying to be something we’re not?

In the end, you must be Yourself!  And not the ‘you’ today.  The ‘You’ that is within and ready to come out…the You you want to become.

Like attracts like.

We are all energy.  This is not some woo woo concept.  It’s a fact.  And when you’re walking around in this world, you’re attracting and repelling people, circumstances, and things.

When you put your best self out there, you will attract ‘like’ people.  

Think about those you know who do this:  the friend, colleague, or neighbor that just feels good to be around.  You actually want to spend time with them.  By just being in their sphere, they lift you up and make you feel better.  

Be that person.  Be You.

Those 10 years of single-dom were a necessity to my growth.  Yes, there were times I was absolutely miserable and completely over being the single person at every dinner and event.  But the reality is, if I had settled for someone in that timeframe, I would be on divorce #2 by now.  Instead, I did the work and I’m now married to the perfect partner for me.  

If I can do it, you can do it too.

Stop being angry with your circumstance.  Stop resisting it.  And start working on yourself.  That is the key to creating a life you love.  You can Emerge Positive!


Ps.  Does this strike a chord with you?  I understand first hand the struggle and how it negatively impacts all areas of your life.  Choose to do something about it.  Come work with me.  Your life can be so much better.  [email protected]

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